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I asked Trump about a small loan of a million dollars but it didn't work out. 


We are not in it for profit - we are in it for the love of the game.  Every dollar helps!  Thanks!

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Our Servers


Servers and Rules

 Currently, FAP hosts 12 servers on Doomseeker.  We will be adding more soon.

  • 2 Instances of Real Guns Advanced aka RGA2 w/different mapsets (Cooperative) - CS:Modern Warfare type guns with Doom game play; fast leveling
  • Death Foretold aka D4T (Cooperative) - DOOM 2016 with Doom 2 mesh
  • Doomcenter (Cooperative w/Team Damage) - a Doom city with mini games, not suitable for non adult players**
  • Death and Decay (Survival w/saving profile) - unique Doom game play where players can build up their character and save progress
  • Golden Eye TC (Deathmatch) - 15 Deathmatch maps from Golden Eye 64
  • Hellshots Golf (Cooperative) - Doom.  Golf.  Nuff' said.
  • Shotgun Frenzy (Cooperative Invasion) - Invasion maps with ability to buy upgrades; ideal for six players
  • Push (Last Man Standing) - push competitors off map using a variety of weapons and tricks 

For our European Clients  

  • Quake Champions:  Doom Edition (Cooperative) - Quake I w/Doom game play
  • Jumpmaze (Cooperative) - few monsters; lots of jumping; race game using fast jump tricks
  • All Out War v2.2 - Team based game with different classes - go defense, offense,  repair, etc.  See All Out War (AOW) details below!

RULES:  No spamming, no slurs, no bullying.  Use common sense.   

**Credit to BlushBerry and SnowStorm

Instructions on Progress Saving


Progress Saving

Some of our Servers are equipped with a database to save your character's progress - currently Death and Decay and RGA (Chillax).  Follow the steps below to use.

Create an Account

You will need to create an account at the following website to access the Database:


OK Hoe, done. Now what?

Log into RGA or Death and Decay.  Do not join game at this point.  Just spectate.

Key Binds

Once in the game, go to Options, Customize Controls.  For RGA (Chillax) and Death and Decay, you will need to key bind  at least your Load Character.  

Logging In

Go to console and type "login" *space*username*space*password.  Look for a message in console your profile was loaded successfully.  

Am I done?

You are kinda done!  You need to at least beat the current level before your character saves down.  And on the next time you log in,  put in your log in information, and then once logged in and select your class from RGA (Chillax) menu your levels should return.  

For Death and Decay, you can only load your character when the round starts-this is due to the game being Survival.  So when you join, you have 10 seconds after the normal count down ends to load.  Breaking this down, login when the countdown starts, round starts, load character with your binded key.  If other people join during the round, let the other players know when you are about to exit so they can be prepared to load their character.

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Latest Stream Highlight

[FAP] Jumpmaze Contest Highlight 09/21/2019

From 09/21/2019

*Adult Content/Language

Full video at www.twitch.tv/powerful_hoe

Upcoming Contests and Events

Push v.07 Contest


 Date:  February 15th, 2020

Best Player to receive $20.00 gift card from any of the following:  Steam, Best Buy, iTunes, or Amazon**. 

  **To be eligible for the prize, you must be there to start on PUSH01.  Please join our Discord for more information.  

Hellshots Golf Contest


Next Contest:  March 2020

Best Player to receive $20.00 gift card from any of the following:  Steam, Best Buy, iTunes, or Amazon**. 

**To be eligible for the prize, you must be there to start on GOLF01.  Please join our Discord for more information. 

Jumpmaze Contest


Next Contest:  April 2020

Best Player to receive $20.00 gift card from any of the following:  Steam, Best Buy, iTunes, or Amazon**. 

 **To be eligible for the prize, you must be there to start on MAP01.  Please join our Discord for more information. 

GoldenEye TC DeathMatch Contest


 Random Dates

Best Player to receive $15.00 gift card from any of the following:  Steam, Best Buy, iTunes, or Amazon**. 

**To be eligible for the prize, you must be there to start on BASEMENT.  Please join our Discord for more information. 

All Out War Tournament


A major event - Details and sign up below!

$100.00 Prize for Best Player (In form of a Gift Card from Steam, Best Buy, iTunes, or Amazon).

Past Winners - Preserved here for posterity........... (or until Hoe quits paying for this website).


Hellshot's Golf:  08/24

[FAP] INTOITANDOUT - $20.00 Gift Card

Jumpmaze Contest:  09/21

D'sparil - $20.00 Gift Card

All Out War Tournament



FAP will be sponsoring an All Out War Tournament Summer of 2020!  Details are still in the works.  Updates can be found here or in our Discord.  


We currently have 15 servers in FAP,  but can add more as needed.  We intend to have practice servers ready when we have teams established.  They will be private with an assigned password and each team will have access to their own dedicated practice server. 

Team Selection

At this time we are currently getting a headcount on who wants to participate.  Ideally we would like teams of ten or more as some of the maps are large so a lot of ground to cover.


We will be watching carefully for anyone who has aim-bots or other hacks.   Such individuals will be banned and reported.


We anticipate event will be streamed live on multiple platforms.    We have a commentator on standby.  In-game name must not be too vulgar.  


All Out War Updates

What is All Out War?


All Out War is a Team Game (Doom Mod) in which the object is to take out another base.  There are many different classes to choose from ranging from Combat to Support.  Visit  http://aow2.drdteam.org/forum/  for more information or join our Discord.  

General Updates


Committee has been formed.  We will start on scheduling skirmishes and work out the parameters of the game, such as maps to use and DMFlags, rules, etc.   

We will be moving our servers soon to other region so our Europe players can play with little ping.  More to come.

The goal is to make sure everything  is balanced and fair, such as taking maps away from the to rotation if needed because one side obviously has the advantage.  



Committee has decided to go with Version 2.2 at this time.  A sample of the game play can be found on the [FAP] Server Clusters.  Look for AOW v2.2.

Committee Updates


Upcoming Skirmish schedules out soon!

If you are experienced in All Out War and would like to join the Committee to help plan this event, please reach out to Hoe.  There should be no conflict of interest should you want to play in the tournament and help organize it.



Event will be streamed on twitch.tv/powerful_hoe and a couple of other platforms to be determined later.



Tournament Winners will be posted on this website for posterity as well as an entry in Doom related forums for bragging rights.

Top player can choose from a $100.00 Amazon, iTunes, or Steam, or Best Buy gift card.   

List of AOW Official Entries


In-Game Name

  • [FAP] Mondo
  • DTM
  • MisterWytt
  • pmar.prj
  • M4gumn
  • Mr. Boozer
  • (WST) TDRR
  • [FAP] Professor Renderer
  • noob_one
  • razor
  • Lang
  • Zelavan
  • nerok
  • Immortal
  • Pepto Bismol
  • Kledioz
  • "Player"
  • Dastan
  • Gibson
  • De-M-oN

Please see below if you wish to officially enter!

Official Sign Up for All Out War Tournament!

Please put in your main in-game name (as mentioned above, not too vulgar as it will be streamed....) and a good email - this will be your official entry. (Please continue check in with this website for your in-game name to be listed above as an acknowledgement of your entry).

[FAP] Doom Players

We have players 24/7 online from all over the world!  

Contact Hoe!

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If you have any questions or concerns about the servers, or want to report an incident, please contact me directly.

[FAP] Powerful Hoe - Director


In Loving Memory of Janosch....

Janosch was a talented modder, creator, loyal, and good friend.  His contributions to this community will continue to inspire.  His legacy will be remembered.   He will be missed.  

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